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June 14, 2022 is World Blood Donor Day

June 14, 2022 is World Blood Donor Day

Ghana joins the rest of the world to commemorate this year’s World Blood Donor Day on Tuesday June 14,2022 under the theme: “donating blood is an act of solidarity, join the effort and save lives.”

It is a day set aside by the World Health Organization (WHO) for countries to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary un-paid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.

It is also to bring consciousness to the ongoing need for blood donations to save lives.

As we may be aware, blood donations are critical to both international and domestic health system and can only come from voluntary blood donors, the reason why the Blood Service will continue to appeal to the general public, religious bodies, organized groups among others to regularly organize blood donation exercises and give people the opportunity to donate blood, so that majority of the needless deaths that occur in our hospitals could be avoided because of perennial blood shortage.

In Ghana, hundreds of patients need blood to survive each day. Some of them are either victim of road traffic accidents, Women with severe bleeding from complication of child birth, or children with severe anaemic conditions. They depend on the generosity of blood donors like you and I who give blood voluntarily and regularly for their survival.

For this reason, a blood service that gives patients access to safe blood and blood products in sufficient quantity is a key component of an effective health care delivery system.

On this occasion of World Blood Donor Day, the National Blood Service would like to assure the donor public and all stakeholders that effective systems are being put in place to address most concerns of the public, regarding access to blood and on timely basis.

While all efforts are being made to serve the public better, the Service would however like to caution the public against activities of some unscrupulous persons in society in their bid to access blood for transfusion.  It must be clearly stated, that under no circumstances is any person required to pay money to anyone before one can donate blood.

No one is also required to pay money to any Doctor or a Nurse at the ward to be able to access blood for transfusion. All processing fees are paid at the lab through the banking system, after which a receipt is issued to the patient before one can access blood.

Patients or patient’s relatives are also not supposed to go for blood from the lab on their own to the wards, it is the sole responsibility of the doctor or the house officer to do so. The public is therefore advised to comply with these educational guidelines in order not to fall victim to the activities of the unscrupulous persons around.

This we can only achieve with the corporation of the general public.

Furthermore, the public is also encouraged to report any suspicious case of irregularities at the various hospital blood banks in the country to the blood service management team or the police for an action to be taken against those perpetrators.

As we commemorate this year’s World Blood Donor Day, let us understand that in emergencies where blood is required and not available, waiting means DEATH!

So don’t wait! Become a voluntary blood donor today and help save our mothers, children and accident victims.

Where can one donate blood

Kindly visit the nearest Teaching or Regional Hospital today, and give a unit of blood to support our blood banks.

For inquiries and supports, kindly call or text 0277 50 10 10 or 0244561782 for more information.

Remember, blood donation is our civic responsibility.

Thank you.


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