Ghana Blood Foundation (GBF) is a registered non-for profit organization, established under the National Blood Service, Ghana

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Who Can Give Blood

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Who Can Give Blood

You can give blood if you are between 17 and 60 years

Below 17 years, your body has probably stored enough iron which is used to make haemoglobin (hb) for yourself but not in excess to give blood.

You cannot give blood after 60 years because as one ages, the heart and blood vessels become weaker and therefore such people tend to suffer from diseases of these organ systems. However in some specific cases, the medical examination is extended for these people. If they are found to be fit, they are allowed to give blood or other blood components. You can safely give blood once every four (4) months to save lives.

Please Note

Before you donate blood, a brief medical screening is done to determine whether you have enough blood for yourself and to be able to give. If you don’t have enough to give, it will be detected during the screening and you will be temporarily deferred. You will also be given free counseling and rescheduled to come back to give at a later date